Written by John Goodblood.
Performed by John Goodblood & The Vultures.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ricardo Tapia.


Rug Burn Baby, Ashtray Honey.
Ephedrine Autumn. And Trailer Park Sunny.
Polluting in heels in the downtown residue.
Strutting the stuff after the gas mask pedicure
Land of the freaks been deformed by the saved
Champagne sewage leaks in the home of the brave
Garage Sale Molotov 13 Cents a pop.
Valet at hell’s parking lot same price different stop

“I’ll just have the fish as I hand back the menu”
Waiter Joe grabbed the dish then he jumped in the shark pool
“Will this one do?” He tapped his hand on the glass
“Side of Lobster heads too” then he sparked up the grass
When I got my plate I thought my food had caught fire.
All the time I was bait for the trailer park choir.
Fish hook as a neck tie, 13 cents a chop.
Whiskey of the cheap kind. Same price different stop

“Life here underground is where I have always been bound.”
Said Mary Jane crying beside the rain.
Some pocket knife Joe hear what she sayin’
Her ephedrine too had a wedding so blue
The Molotov child made a page in the news
If you’re thinking that I’ll bow down like a slave.
You better think twice. First you’ll see me in my grave.

Well now, Trash can Allison
Trying to get to Madison.
Looking for her Carolina
Ain’t no other way to find her.

If I was ever there, neither here or anywhere.
Or if I should even care all that I have had to bare
Honey for the fool, chasing sharks inside the pool
All the money in the sea lost its dye, still good to me.

Big salmon at the Pink House, 13 cents a bite.
Soup kitchen for the dead mouse. Same price open at night.

Life here underground is where I have always been bound
With mary jane crying beside the rain
Pocket Knife Joe hear what she sayin.
“It’s all I can do, sing them to you.
These words that are in the plainest of view.”
But if you think that I’ll bow down like a slave
You better think twice. First you’ll see me in my grave.


from Bad Lands, released June 18, 2016



all rights reserved


John Goodblood Buenos Aires, Argentina

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