Song written by John Goodblood
Performed by John Goodblood & The Vultures.
Produced by Ricardo Tapia.
Mixed and Mastered by Martin Herrero.

Victor Saldaño is the only Argentine in the world to have the death penalty. He along with his accomplice Jorge Chaves were convicted in 1996 for the murder of Paul Ray King. There have been various failed attempts of extraidition through the efforts of Argentine diplomacy. Victor is in Texas in a maximum security facility were he has attempted to commit suicide twice and the Warden's office refuses to have him sent to a psychiatric institution. John Goodblood & The Vultures is againts the death penalty in any form or manner and hopes this song helps raise awareness about the atrocious treatment this human along with many others recieve.


Fue en la frontera de Laredo.
The year was 1995.
One man was colder than what most would strive.
“Vivo o muerto” better off alive.

Víctor se fue a la gran city.
Just like the movies in his head.
Well, what a pity. Ya no hay merced.
El Argentino was now left for dead.

En Dallas, todas las balas.
You can call me by my name.
Soy el Chicano Jesse James.

Mi dama, que me difama.
Ya no hay un home for me to stay.
I sit and wait for judgement day.

La guita es buena, el New Yorkino.
But not exactly how he planned.
He ran to Reno on his own demand.
Kissing his chica by the Jersey sand.

Now Paul Ray King and Jorge Chaves.
They got it better off than him
Uno esta muerto. Well ain’t that so grim?
The other one to lead a life of sin.

En Dallas, todas las balas.
You heard of all I ever did.
El cordobés Billy The Kid.
Mi dama, que me difama.
The chimes of hell ring like a bell.
But I still got my soul to sell.


from Bad Lands, released June 18, 2016



all rights reserved


John Goodblood Buenos Aires, Argentina

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